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  • – Social Media
  • – Google Ads
  • – Email Marketing
  • – Affiliate Marketing
  • – SEO
  • – Content Marketing

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  • – Setting goals
  • – Audience identification and analysis
  • – Search for suitable digital marketing channels
  • – Designing a digital marketing strategy
  • – Technological needs assessment
  • – Implementation of technology upgrades

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  • – Implementation of technology upgrades
  • – Technological needs assessment
  • – The Butler App

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Services Digihart


May 19

First acquaintance and analysis of the current situation

We will analyze and record all aspects of your digital presence and your tactics to get a comprehensive picture of today and outline an early idea of tomorrow.

May 19

Evaluation of results and definition of new goals.

The purpose of the strategy we define is the continuous development of your company and your project. That is why we constantly evaluate the tactics we follow and the goals we have achieved. This way we can face any challenges and seize the opportunities as they arise.

May 19

Define a project team.

We define the team based on the specifics of the project. We also know very well the importance of direct and easy communication. For this reason we make sure that you are always in contact exclusively with the same person for the needs of the project.

May 19

Strategy and action plan design.

What should be my goals? Who is my buying audience and what subgroups does it consist of? After analyzing the project from every point of view, we will identify your competitive advantages and define the next steps to achieve the strategy we have set.

May 19

Continuous monitoring of KPIs and adjustments.

Measurements, measurements, measurements. Daily measurement and examination of all KPI performance indicators and continuous configurations and adjustments of actions with the aim of optimizing profit.

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